5250 Redondo Ave. Oakland, CA. 94618

Cell: (650) 333-7273, Fax: (510) 338-3667

Email: mauricio@martinezpc.com


(650) 333-7273, Fax (510) 338-3667

MPC. is a full service painting contractor with over a decade of experience in

making our hometown beautiful. In order to create a tradition of excellence our

reputation is built one project at a time. We realize our future depends on your

satisfaction. Our professional craftspeople are passionate about the services and

experience we provide. We choose our employees carefully to represent our

reputation, as much for their honesty as for their skill set. We pride ourselves on the

quality because we believe our clients deserve the best. We will demonstrate our vast

procedural and product knowledge. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff is able to

answer any of your questions.



Workers Compensation


Our services include all types of interior and exterior painting.

We have a qualified colorist to match paint colors and to suggest complementary shades.